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Skeptics Welcome

We recognize that belief is hard and that it is worth acknowledging and wrestling with the questions, doubts, objections and skepticism around the Christian faith. We welcome both believers and skeptics to process their doubts and beliefs with the recognition that it is not sufficient to hold doubts or beliefs just because we inherited them. If you are interested in processing your doubts and beliefs or exploring Christianity, we welcome you to visit us on Sundays, at one of our events, or in one of our discussion groups.

Resources to help you process your questions:

Questioning Christianity Series | Free sermons | Free resources | Who Is Jesus? | How Can I Know God? | New Birth Portraits

Skeptics are welcome

Lourine’s story

Visit a Questioning Christianity Group

Are you someone exploring Christianity and interested in discussing the topics that were covered in Questioning Christianity? Join an eight-week small group discussion for seekers, skeptics and those who don’t consider themselves Christian.

Questioning Christianity Groups will be peer-led discussion groups hosted in people’s apartments in various neighborhoods around Manhattan. They will explore topics found in Tim’s book, The Reason For God. Topics include the problem of evil, science and faith and the exclusivity of Christianity, the history of the church and Christians, and the credibility of the Bible.

For those of you who know someone who is exploring Christianity, we invite you to bring them to a discussion group to process the claims of Jesus together.

See Questioning Christianity to learn more. Or for more information on availability, locations and times, see find a group or contact [email protected].

Visit a worship service on Sunday

We would love to hear your questions. There are church officers available after each worship service on Sundays to hear your objections, help process questions together, or connect you with resources in our church. To find a service that fits your schedule, see our congregations: Downtown, East Side, West Side, or Lincoln Square.